Holiday Blooms: Amaryllis Care

At the beginning of the year, my best friend’s in-laws gave me an amaryllis bulb from their collection. This bulb grew into several huge beautiful flowers when my husband and I were away on a weekend trip, but we were able to enjoy those colorful blooms for a few weeks. I’ve been seeing a lot of bulbs being sold, so I thought this would be a good time to talk about amaryllis care.

When done right, it does not take much to care for amaryllis plants. It does take some patience since you have to wait for the bulb to bloom. What is an amaryllis anyway? Keep Reading!

How I Made $80 My Seventh Month Blogging

Today I want to share with you some things about my crazy journey blogging so far. Many bloggers, somewhere on their journey, decide to try to monetize their blog they worked so hard on. I want to tell you how I made $80 my seventh month blogging.

I’ve learned so much since I started this blogging journey. I have more tips you can read about in 6 Lessons from 6 Months of Blogging.

I have a confession to make. When I decided to try my hand at blogging, I learned by watching and reading tutorials on a site designed to blog for money. I learned later on that one of the big no-nos of blogging was to not blog to make money. Keep Reading!

The Gardens of the Mission Inn Hotel

Hubby and I house sat for family inland this past weekend, which gave us the opportunity for another stay cation. Hubby has mentioned the Mission Inn Hotel to me before, and we were able to see the outside of it during last year’s festival of lights. Today I want to tell you all about the gardens of the Mission Inn Hotel.

It was too crowded to walk around the hotel during the lights festival last year, so it was nice to go during the off season when Riverside is still quiet. The hotel is a historical site, with impressive architecture and wonderful floral surprises hidden on every floor.

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Weekend Getaway-The Gardens of Hearst Castle

This past weekend me and my husband went to central California to attend my cousin’s wedding. Before we headed back down to Southern California, we visited the beautiful Hearst Castle. The castle itself is an incredible sight, but today I want to tell  you all about the gardens of Hearst Castle.

Hearst Castle is located in beautiful San Simeon in central California. Its about a few hours drive north of Los Angeles/Orange County. Its a bit of a drive but well worth it, especially if you stay overnight.

the gardens of hearst castle Keep on reading!