Gardening Mistakes You’re Probably Making


Enjoy this new collaborative post! I’ve been gardening for a few years now, but I learn something new about plants and gardening all the time, as well as some gardening mistakes. Here are some gardening mistakes you’re probably making.

Gardening Mistakes


Gardening isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone, especially people that haven’t grown up watching their parents gardening or embracing the natural life around them. After all, if you lived in a flat, you’re hardly going to have come into contact with many weeds in your time. So, if you’re worrying that your gardening skills aren’t up to scratch, avoid the mistakes mentioned below and you will get yourself on the right track.

Planting the Same Vegetable in the Same Place Year After Year

Most people designate specific areas in their gardens to ornamentals and vegetables. However, if you grow your greens and tomatoes in the same place, you will find that diseases and pests take hold of the area. Plant rotation is a must.

Hard Pruning at the Wrong Time

If you notice that the hydrangea bush in your garden looks almost dead during the autumn months, you shouldn’t start pruning it as hard as possible. This is a mistake many people make. By doing this, you have probably got rid of all of the dormant flower buds that would have flourished next year. You should schedule pruning accordingly by learning about the flowering pattern of your bush.

gardening mistakes

Buying Machinery that Isn’t Cordless

There is nothing more frustrating than having to contend with a cord when you’re using a lawn mower or a leaf blower. It’s always better to go for rechargeable-brands, as this will make the process a lot easier and more enjoyable as well.

Planting Your Plants in the Wrong Part of the Garden

It’s easy to simply put plants where you think they will look best in terms of garden design, but you also need to think about where the plants are going to flourish. You should not put a sun lover in the shade, for example.

Do you love shade plants? Read this post on How to Pick the Right Shade Plants.

Inadequate spacing

You should not plant seedlings or plant seeds too close together. If you do this, they will suffocate each other in competition for the nutrients, water and sunlight that is on offer.

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 Last but not least, let’s end up with a mistake that most people are guilty of making, and this is overwatering their plants. Have you ever heard of something called “too much love?” Well, that is exactly what overwatering is doing. Yes, you may think that you are being kind to your plants, but in reality, most plants hate sitting in water because their roots need to breathe.

If you can avoid the common mistakes that have been highlighted in this post, you can give yourself a great chance of achieving gardening success. And, if you do make any errors in the future, don’t worry about it. Gardening is a learning process. Even the most experienced gardeners learn new things from time-to-time. Embrace the experience and you will have a lot of fun in the process.

Do you make any of these gardening mistakes? I’m still working on not overwatering some of my plants. What are some other gardening mistakes you make?

Let me know in the comments below!

Happy gardening!



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  1. Pam Richardson

    Your tips are excellent! I am a new gardener, this will be my fourth year. There is so much trial and error. Thank you for sharing

    09 . Feb . 2018
    • Ann

      You are welcome! There is a lot of trial and error, which make the successes so worth it! Keep gardening until you find ways to make it work for you! Thank you for stopping by!

      09 . Feb . 2018
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