About Me

Hello everyone, my name is Ann William and I have been a small space and small budget gardener for a few years.

I have always enjoyed plants and flowers but seemed too busy and disinterested in growing my own, especially in my twenties.

I moved around the country in my twenties and early thirties and noticed during one of my last moves how few plants were able to grow in the area. Although I learned a lot while living in New Mexico, I also began to notice how small the variety of plants there were. Sure, it had its own unique landscape, but nothing compared to the beauty of plants I experienced in the area I grew up in around Southern California.

I still remember the very first plant I bought while finishing grad school in New Mexico. It was a small bunch of mini roses I found at a local grocery store. It didn’t look like much but it made me happy. I was also battling depression at the time and always looking for healthy ways to boost my mood. This little plant definitely did the job well!

I slowly began to add to the small garden I started back in New Mexico. When I decided to move back to Southern California the summer I graduated in 2012, I sold most of my gardening pots and supplies. I lived with my parents for several years and since space was limited, I had to put my growing affection for gardening aside for the time being.

When I moved out, I began a small collection of herbs and flowers from seeds, since this was cheaper than buying an already growing plant. After my husband and I married my small gardening collection began to grow, and as the cliche saying goes, the rest is history.

I have dabbled in gardening off and on for several years now. About two years ago, I decided to become more serious about my new hobby, even though I only had a small patio to work with. With the help of my husband, I have been able to create a small garden oasis on a budget.

As I add my own tips and tricks to my evolving hobby, please feel free to leave me a message.

Thank you for stopping by!

Ann William

Founder of Gardening Limited!