Ways to Take Care of Rhytidocaulon Macrolobum

Rhytidocaulon Macrolobum

Rhytidocaulon Macrolobum is probably a very unique plant that is not found very easily everywhere. This plant grows flowers in late September and requires little water in its dormant stage. They grow brownish-green flowers that look more like a starfish. They have fleshy and wrinkly flowers that turn brownish red as they age. These plants … Read more

Easy Growth Tips for Mouse Tail Cactus

Mouse Tail Cactus

Don’t you think maintaining a cactus is easier than an actual normal plant? If you agree then mouse tail cactus is surely going to be your best companion. This cactus plant grows amazingly as homes rather than a deserted island. It grows best in the summer season rather than fall or winter. The mouse tail … Read more