Jasmine Plant: How to Grow and Care for the Plants

Jasmine Plants

The jasmine plant is a favorite of many for its sweet-scent and small white flowers. Though it’s mostly planted outdoors, there are some varieties of the fragrant vines that can be grown indoors – even in a container. How: Let’s find out in this complete guide to jasmine plant care. Quick Overview Scientific Name Jasminum … Read more

How to Grow Devil’s Trumpet at Home

Devils Trumpet

Indoor plants undoubtedly enhance the look of a house and provide a refreshing feeling. There are several outdoor plants available but nothing beats Devils Trumpet due to its beautiful shades and interlinked petals. The distinct structure of the plant and a seamless outline provides it a devil-like look. The green foliage and phenomenal blooms at … Read more

Types of Hydrangea Tree and Their Top Care Tips

Hydrangea Tree

The hydrangea tree originated from a hydrangea plant, which looks exceptionally aesthetic in a house’s backyard. Its scientific name is Hydrangea Paniculata. The tree has multiple trunks, and the tree inclines more towards the ground. This tree grows some beautiful flowers with a green base. It is found in most parts of the USA that … Read more

Dragon Fruit Tree 101: Your Complete Care Guide

Dragon Fruit Tree

At my last visit to Mexico, the locals introduced me to the ‘Dragon fruit.’ Tasting slightly sweet – a cross between pear and kiwi, the exotic looking fruit immediately grabbed my attention with its vibrant pink, scaled skin. However, the dragon fruit tree is typically not very popular in North America, while local grocers rarely … Read more

All About the Crabapple Tree – [Complete Guide]

Crabapple Tree

If you have ever seen a Crabapple tree, you must have been mesmerized with its beauty. Often called the ‘jewels of the landscape’ the ornamental trees offer a changing look for every season. They are easy to care for and require minimal maintenance. Above all, they are givers in nature and provide both – shelter … Read more

How to Care for a Rose of Jericho Plant

Rose of Jericho Plant

It may seem hard to believe but there are a few plants that can survive months – even years without water. Also called the ‘Resurrection plants,’ these foliage are capable of coming back to life when exposed to water. Until then, the plant remains dry and dormant. The Rose of Jericho is one such example … Read more