Burro’s Tail Plant: Effective Planting and Care Tips

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Do you want to own a plant, but fear they will die on you? Try Burro’s Tail, it is a phenomenal plant that requires little care to survive and grow fully. This plant comes under the category of succulent plants such as Manfreda, Jovibarba, and Duvalia.

This plant grows stems in the form of long trails that overflow out of a planting pot. The plant does not grow upwards or stiff. On the contrary, this plant grows extended stem trails that hand loose downwards.

The shape of the fleshy leaves is like swollen tears that overlap over each other to form a beautiful structure. Flowers are rare for this plant and they only bloom under certain conditions or in the great spring season.

The stem trails of this plant resemble a donkey’s tail; hence’ it is given the great name Burro’s tail. This article will discuss all the main factors that are crucial in taking care of the plant, so let’s begin.

Ways to grow a healthier Burro’s Tail plant

grow a healthier Burro’s Tail plant

Effective care and proper cleaning of the plant are key to maintaining it in a good shape. Certain crucial factors contribute to the exemplary growth of a plant. These factors are as follows:


Great soil is the key to the seamless growth of a plant; however, Burro’s Tail requires an average quality soil. They are succulent plants; hence, a mixture or grainy, rocky, and moist soil is suitable for its growth. The occasional supply of cactus food in the soil can grow the plant stronger.

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Container plays a crucial role in the growth of this plant because its stem trails hang loose. When planting this specific plant choose a deep container.

A container with at least 12-inches of depth is perfect to initiate a basis of a healthy plat and hang it or keep it at a high altitude so that the stems have proper space to grow.


Sunlight is an important aspect that a plant owner should not ignore if they aspire to grow a healthy plant. This is a succulent plant and needs hot, dry temperatures. Place this plant in an area that gets scorching sun and direct light.


Soil and sunlight are crucial, but water is equally important to make the plant thrive. As a succulent plant, Burro’s Tail does not require a great supply of water regularly. However, equal distribution of water is necessary in times of dry spell.

How to propagate and repot Burro’s Tail plant?

propagate and repot Burro's Tail plant

Replanting this plant is quite simple as compared to other succulent plants. However, there are a few factors and individual should keep in mind which are mentioned as follows:


Propagation is a simple process as the plant sheds its moist leaves upon a delicate touch also. If you desire to clone the plant, gather the leaves and plant them in slightly moist soil. This plant is drought tolerant, but new pubs require moisture to grow.


Repotting is necessary if your plant is not growing well in an existing container. To re-pot the plant, take it out from the root can plant. Add adequate moisture until the plant is stable.

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Pest and insect control

The most common problem that Burro’s Tail plant faces is a pest issue. Aphid attack is common, but it can ruin the growth of your plant, here’s what you can do:

Hose down the plant

When you feel the issue of Aphids is increasing, hose down the plant and wait for the pests to wash away. You can also gently wash away the leaves; however, be extremely careful as leaves can break easily.

Neem oil

Use a mixture of neem oil with water and sprinkle it on the leaves to get rid of the issue naturally without using pesticides.

Where to buy Burro’s Tail plant

Where to buy Burro’s Tail plant

You can get Burro’s tail plant from Amazon without going through the hassle of finding it manually in-stores. It comes securely packed and delivers at your home in just a few days.

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Burro’s tail is a beautiful plant that enhances the look of any indoor space. The hanging planters are suitable for growing this fantastic plant. It is a natural air purifier that will alleviate the environment of your home.

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