How to Make Your Own Portable Garden with Recycled Materials

Portable Garden

Do you have a green thumb but limited space? Or maybe you want to take your gardening on-the-go? Whatever your situation, creating a portable garden out of recycled materials is an easy and eco-friendly way to nurture your plants and vegetables. In this blog, we’ll show you how to make your own portable garden using … Read more

10 Amazing Terraced Gardening Ideas for Beginners

terraced gardening

Gardening is an incredible hobby that can help you connect to nature, relax, and beautify your surroundings. However, if you don’t have a spacious yard, you might think that gardening is not an option for you. That’s when terraced gardening comes into play! By creating multiple levels, you can turn any small space into a … Read more

Understanding the Terminology of Gardening: A Glossary

Gardening Glossary

Gardening can be a fulfilling and relaxing activity, but it can also be overwhelming for beginners who are not familiar with the jargon and terminology commonly used in this field. To help you out, we have put together a comprehensive gardening glossary that includes all the relevant terms that you need to know to get … Read more

Learn How to Amend Clay Soil for Gardening

Clay Soil

Garden soil is not just simple dirt but a lot more. And when it comes to clay soil, it indeed gets further complicated. To become a better Gardener, you should learn how to amend clay soil. And you can do this by using the best tillers for clay soil. This means it’s not that difficult. … Read more

Urban Gardening: The Beginner’s Guide to Planting in the City

Urban Gardening

“I want to start a garden but don’t have the space” is one of the most common complaints I get from people living in a city. And indeed the restriction of space is one of the biggest downsides of living in an urban area. But truthfully, urban gardening is not limited to space. In fact, … Read more