Philodendron Mottled Dragon: A Complete Guide on How To Care For It

Philodendron Mottled Dragon

A beautiful plant known as philodendron mottled dragon belongs to the Araceae family. Moreover, it is a wonderful plant species with large green leaves attached to golden hues. Whether you wish to keep the plant in your house or office, it will create a great environment in both cases. Aside from that, the best thing … Read more

Homalomena Selby: Why You Should Plant It in Your Nursery

Homalomena Selby

The Homalomena Selby is a one-of-a-kind, exquisite plant with magnificent evergreen leaves that bend and twirl whenever and wherever. These leaves have such an excellent structure and delicate patterns that distinguish themselves apart from the rest. This species, meanwhile, is so much more than pretty. It is recognized because of being adaptable, accommodating, and easy … Read more

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Growing the Elephant Ear Plant

Elephant Ear Plant

As the name suggests, the heart-shaped leaves of the Elephant Ear Plant will reminisce you of the elephant’s ear. Grown for their ornamental value, the plant can be grown in either – garden or container for an exotic layout. Surprisingly, they are very easy to grow as well and will stand proud in the right … Read more

A Guide to Florida Ruscus Plant Care and Features

Florida Ruscus

An evergreen Florida Ruscus is a beautiful plant that belongs to the Asparagaceae family. The plant is commonly used for commercial and decorative purposes by many people. Even more, the plant has dark green leaves which grow on the branchless stems. Its stems are excellent for floral arrangements and add beauty to your garden or … Read more

An Overview of Philipodendron Esmereldense Plant

Philodendron Esmereldense

Are you looking for a plant that will make your balcony look more beautiful? The Philodendron Esmereldense plant is an excellent choice for you. Moreover, it is a rare plant that is not known to many, and experts are still conducting some important discussions regarding the plant. But the house plant lovers never miss this … Read more

Begonia Amphioxus: Garden Crafted Butterfly Ultimate Growing Guide

Begonia Amphioxus

Are you in dire need of growing a tropical plant at your house? Begonia amphioxus is such a plant that it may be a great addition to your plant family. It’s a small plant with many attractive attributes. Even more, the eye-catching plants easily grab the attention of plant growers. If we talk about its … Read more

The Dwarf Carpet of Stars: A Superior Alternative To Grass

the dwarf carpet of stars

Who doesn’t love grass? Sadly, some places do not have the right soil to grow grass. A dwarf carpet of stars is then the only option available. Gardening is the hobby of many people, and every garden is incomplete without green carpeting. This type of carpeting works wonders in the sun compared to the shaded … Read more