Tips to Take Care of Donkey’s Tail Plant

Donkey's tail plant

Do you love the right succulent plant in a cozy corner of your home? Well, we certainly understand the need for a plant lover to fill their space with a great plant. Although it is a huge task to take proper care of individual plants. If you have different kinds of plants within your house, … Read more

How to Grow Devil’s Trumpet at Home

Devils Trumpet

Indoor plants undoubtedly enhance the look of a house and provide a refreshing feeling. There are several outdoor plants available but nothing beats Devils Trumpet due to its beautiful shades and interlinked petals. The distinct structure of the plant and a seamless outline provides it a devil-like look. The green foliage and phenomenal blooms at … Read more

How to Grow and Take Thorough Care of Manfreda Plants

Manfreda plant

Manfreda is a unique looking plant with interesting green and purple leaves. All succulent plant lovers will love this plant as it has great survival properties. The plant is suitable for keeping indoors as it needs minimal sunlight like Duvalia and Obregonia plants. Most people prefer this plant over other indoor plants because it requires minimal care. … Read more

Easy Growth Tips for Mouse Tail Cactus

Mouse Tail Cactus

Don’t you think maintaining a cactus is easier than an actual normal plant? If you agree then mouse tail cactus is surely going to be your best companion. This cactus plant grows amazingly as homes rather than a deserted island. It grows best in the summer season rather than fall or winter. The mouse tail … Read more

Echeveria Subsessilis – A Comprehensive Guide

Echeveria Subsessilis

Echeveria subsessilis is a beautiful plant known for its stunning design. The plant is bluish-green or grey green. Moreover, it contains spoon-shaped leaves which have pinkish tips. Also, it grows with a wax coating which makes it look soft and powdery. In addition, it requires some well-drained soil to grow. It grows exceptionally well in … Read more

Echeveria Pollux: Successful Planting, Propagating and Care Tips

Echeveria Pollux Plant

Echeveria Pollux is a plant with distinct characteristics and has a unique structure. It is a rapidly growing green succulent plant. The rosette fleshy leaves overlap each other to form a beautiful greenish-purple plant. This plant is ideal for keeping indoors; however, it grows nicely outdoors as well. The distinct hint of silver, purple, and … Read more

Guide to Grow a Healthy Haworthia Plant

Haworthia Plant

The large variety of plants can overwhelm you, so here we are trying to save you from hardcore decision making. Haworthia plant comes under the category of succulent plants with green rosettes. This plant species is known for its unique appearance. When you look at it, you will notice small white dots all over its … Read more

Best Duvalia Plant Growth and Care Tips

Duvalia Plant

Duvalia is a beautiful succulent plant with a unique structure and deep maroon flowers. There are a variety of attributes of this plant that makes it distinct and extremely pleasing visually. This plant grows mostly in southeast Africa and mostly strives in a dry land. This plant is extensively used in Africa as an indoor … Read more

Mexican Fencepost Cactus Care Tips

Mexican Fencepost Cactus

How tall do you think a cactus plant can grow? Well, we know you must have a guest about a foot or two. However, a Mexican Fencepost Cactus can grow up to the height of a single-story home easily. The cactus requires minimum supervision or care to grow to its fullest. As the name suggests … Read more

How to Make a Silver Dollar Vine Plant Thrive

Silver Dollar Vine

We can go on about the benefits of surrounding yourself with plants all day. However, there are certain care factors that you should consider before taking this step. Gardening is a great hobby, but plants require special attention just like your pet. Plants such as Ferocactus and Nopalea plants require minimum effort to thrive. A … Read more