Best Duvalia Plant Growth and Care Tips

Duvalia is a beautiful succulent plant with a unique structure and deep maroon flowers. There are a variety of attributes of this plant that makes it distinct and extremely pleasing visually. This plant grows mostly in southeast Africa and mostly strives in a dry land.

This plant is extensively used in Africa as an indoor plant. They believe this plant adds more prosperity and peace. The plant is easy to cultivate and never grows high above the ground.

When an individual plants this specific species, only sprouts, and bushes grow for a few years before it develops into a full plant. The maximum height of this plant is only 5 cm and 2.5 cm horizontally. The dimensions make it perfect to place in small corners of your office or home.

This plant requires minimum care, but a specific condition to thrive and grow. In this article, we are going to give you a few tips on how you can make this plant grow fully and deal with small difficulties properly.

How to make a Duvalia plant thrive at its maximum?

Duvalia plant thrive

Duvalia plant is a great plant to keep indoors like Burro’s Tails and Echeveria Pollux. However, few conditions are necessary to grow this plant fully and in a healthy manner. Let’s begin with some important tips.


Soil is the basic yet most crucial part of plant growth. This is a succulent plant that requires a coarse soil which is a mixture of sand and regular healthy soil. To make the plant thrive, it is necessary to feed this plant with cacti soil once in a while.

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Adequate soil drainage is substantial to keep this alive. If water sits in the soil for longer, it is likely to limit its growth.


This plant does not require a lot of water to keep growing stronger. This plant can survive crucial conditions and extreme drought. Hence, it is suggested to water this plant once in 20 to 28 days during the super time.

On the other hand, in colder months this plant needs no water or little water once a month.


Temperature is critical to keep this plant alive, 51-degree Fahrenheit is an ideal temperature to grow this plant. A temperature lower than 41-degree Fahrenheit is not suitable to grow this plant.

In colder months, shift this plant indoors where the temperature is more controlled. This plant does not show any signs of growth in winter which is quite normal.

Humidity and sunlight

This plant requires low humidity to survive and grow stronger. When it comes to sunlight, they need a more controlled or filtered light to survive. If you are going to keep this plant indoors make sure the place is half lit and has a moderate amount of shadow.

How to propagate Duvalia plant

propagate Duvalia plant


Propagation is essential to keep the plant from getting extinct and produce plant clones. If you decide to put seeds in the soil and grow it from scratch, it will take a long time. Keep the soil moist and feed cacti soil to your plant in initial growth stages.


Repotting might seem like a complicated step for some people, but it is an easy way to grow a Duvalia plant. Take a sharp object and cut the stem of the plant from the base. Plant it in a moderate soil for faster growth.

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Pest and insect control

The Duvalia plant is prone to mealybugs and fungal diseases, which can eat the plant from its roots.

Mild pesticide

To keep the toxicity level down, dilute mild insecticide with water and spray it as per the condition of your plant. Once a week is moderate to keep your plant in a healthy state.

Online and garlic spray

Online and garlic mixture with water is best to keep mealybugs at bay, you can spray it once in every two days.

Where to buy Duvalia plant

Where to buy Duvalia plant

This plant is available at Amazon at a phenomenal price and they often run great discounts on indoor plants. The plant is delivered to you safely and in a great condition that allows you to maintain a healthy plant.

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There is no better way to add character to the place other than placing lots of indoor plants. Duvalia is an amazing choice because it requires minimum care and no expensive items to keep it healthy.

This hassle-free and beautiful plant will undoubtedly ground you each day and help you find your peace.

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