Echeveria Pollux: Successful Planting, Propagating and Care Tips

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Echeveria Pollux is a plant with distinct characteristics and has a unique structure. It is a rapidly growing green succulent plant. The rosette fleshy leaves overlap each other to form a beautiful greenish-purple plant.

This plant is ideal for keeping indoors; however, it grows nicely outdoors as well. The distinct hint of silver, purple, and green together make this plant worth the investment. There are no specific conditions necessary to grow this plant.

Maintenance and care are some of the things that plant owners dread. However, this is amongst low maintenance plants such as Manfreda and Jovibarba. This plant produces delicate flowers at the time of spring.

Did you know keeping a plant can increase memory? This plant has numerous benefits when kept indoors. They enhance memory, purifies the air, add a pleasing look to the house, and much more. In this article, we are going to explore a few important areas regarding this plant.

Growing tips for Echeveria Pollux plant

Growing tips for Echeveria Pollux plant

When adopting a plant, it is crucial to extract all possible information regarding how to grow and take care of the plant. You certainly do not want the plant dying on you before showing the major bloom. Here is how you can grow Echeveria Pollux:


This plant is a low maintenance species that requires minimal supervision to grow at its best. You need an average quality and a deep container to grow this plant. Make sure the container has a proper soil drainage system.

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These are succulent plants and they require minimal water to survive. If you live in a dry area make sure you water the plant at regular intervals. However, be careful not to overwater the plant because it can seriously limit its growth.


Sunlight is the second most important thing after water to make the plant survive. The succulent plant requires direct sunlight to thrive. If you are keeping the plant indoor, try to place it in a corner where the plant gets direct mid-day sunlight.


This plant does not need a big space to grow because they generally produce one flower on time. However, they require depth when repotting, make sure the container is more deep than wide.

Propagation and repotting Echeveria Pollux plant

Propagation Echeveria Pollux plant

Propagation through leaves

There are various methods that a plant owner can utilize to propagate an Echeveria Pollux. The most useful method is to leave cutting, which requires precise concentration. Cut the fleshy leave from the base of the plant and immediately re-pot it in suitable soil.

Propagation through seeds

The seed for this plant is readily available in stores; however, the process of growth is exceptionally slow. When you plant the seed in the soil, adequate care is necessary to grow the initial sprout.


Repotting is a critical element that every plant owner should perform at least once. When you get the plant from the store, make sure you shift the plant in a wider space and change soil frequently. If the soil is not changed for longer, it can limit the growth of the plant.

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Insect and pest care for Echeveria Pollux Plant

care for Echeveria Pollux Plant

Echeveria Pollux plant is prone to insects like the Duvalia plant. You must keep an eye on the plant for rapid action. Here are some remedies you can use to get rid of pests:

Peppermint oil

Whiteflies are a nightmare for a plant owner as they attack the plant in large groups. To naturally get rid of them, spray a mixture of peppermint oil and water on the plant at least once a week.

Onion and garlic spray

Aphids are the worst pest for indoor plants and they can eat the leaves of your plant before you know it. Use a mixture of onion and garlic, dilute it with water and spray on your plant regularly to get rid of aphids.

Where to buy Echeveria Pollux plant

Where to buy Echeveria Pollux plant

Amazon is a great website to get Echeveria Pollux succulent plants as they come neatly packed and in a small container. Amazon runs an amazing discount on succulent plants and guarantees quality.

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A green home is generally more welcoming and peaceful to spend time. Echeveria Pollux is a great plant to keep indoors as it requires minimum care. It brightens up any space and improves the humidity levels within a space.

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