Garden Care Tips For New Homeowners

Did you recently purchase a home? Congratulations! This collaborative post is all about garden care tips for new homeowners.

Garden Care TipsWhen it comes to buying your first home, one of the most exciting things you will receive is your own personal outdoor space to play with. Having a garden at your disposal is amazing because it gives you a place to relax in the winter, party in the summe, and enjoy the sunshine in your own time. For anyone who has never looked after a garden before, this can be a bit of a culture shock to start with, but with these tips, you will be well on your way to becoming a fully fledged gardener at home.

Know Your Region

Every garden is unique. Just because your parent’s garden worked in a certain way and housed certain plants doesn’t mean that yours will too. Your garden is completely unique to you and you will start to notice once you move in where the sun shines, where there is shade and where you have dry patches. Different plants have different living requirements so you need to understand how these areas will affect your garden and what you are able to plant in there.

Test Your Soil

Just like the different dry conditions of a garden, you will also have regions of the garden which have a different pH level. This means that some of your solid might be very acidic whereas some of it might be alkaline, and this can affect the types and the colors of plants which grow there. For example, you can see this at work with hydrangeas. If a hydrangea is planted in acidic soil, the flowers will be a vivid blue, but if they are in neutral or alkaline conditions the flowers will be purple or pink. Depending on the size of your hydrangea you might even see a transition from one color to another corresponding to the roots below.

Start Simple

Start Simple


When it comes to starting a garden, you don’t want to be going straight in with a difficult plant such as an Acer because they require more care than many plants and it can be depressing to see them die in front of you. Start off with simple and easy plants to care for such as large shrubs, fruit trees, and wildflowers. You can use a tree service to help you identify any trees already in the garden and this can help you decide what to do with the tree and how to care for it. Caring for a garden will become a natural thing. You just need to spend some time getting to know your garden and what works in the space.

Create a Plan

If you want to be a boss at gardening you will want to make a solid plan and create a sketch of your outdoor space. You can create a sketch for each season and show what comes up where so that you have an idea of what space you might have leftover for other plants in the future. Plan out what jobs you want to do and make sure you take your time with them. Take it slow and make sure you get to know how the garden works and what you can do for it.

Write A Calendar

Different plants and flowers come up at different times of the year. This is a simple fact and it is one which we can use to make sure we are able to maintain a stunning garden all year long. For the first year that you own the house, take note of when things Spring up and how long they stay up for. The next year, you will be able to predict these flowerings and it can make it easier for you to know what you can plant in the area for extra color and texture throughout the year.

Are you ready to plan out your new garden for your new home? Let me know all about your new garden or garden unique to your home in the comments section below!

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