Its Harvest Time-Decorate with Mini Pumpkins


I love the slight change in weather and all those fall decorations this time of year. Something else I really love about autumn is all those pumpkin patches and pumpkins that are seen in many stores and street corners. Today I want to share with you several ways for you to decorate with mini pumpkins.

decorate with mini pumpkins

Its OK to Think Small

My husband and have been living in a studio with our two cats for two years now, so we have limited space to decorate. I got the idea to decorate with mini pumpkins last year when passing by the garden area of Vons and seeing the display with fall decorations. Those cute little pumpkins looked like they would fit perfectly in our apartment and balcony.

This year I bought several small pumpkins of various colors and sizes. They are currently on display by our counter, side table, living room table and out on our balcony table. I love this organic look and how it brings gardening indoors.

I also don’t have to worry about the cats eating these. Last year some rotted after a month but most of the pumpkins lasted until the new year. I could use larger pumpkins, but the smaller ones definitely fit my small living and decorating needs.

decorate with mini pumpkins


Why Mini Pumpkins?

There are many reasons why its great to decorate with mini pumpkins. They fit in small areas and are inexpensive, to name a few. If you decide to decorate on your mini pumpkins and you make a mistake, it should cost too much to replace them either.

Different Types of Mini Pumpkins

So far, I’ve collected five different mini pumpkins that I have on display outside and inside our apartment. I have traditional orange ones, white ones and striped pumpkins. I want to mention several types of small pumpkins you can purchase.

Orange Mini Pumpkin

I would say these are the most common in the smaller variety. These bright orange pumpkins are also the most cost effective I have found. They are flat and round, but can be used for all types of decorations.

decorate with mini pumpkins

White Pumpkin

These small pumpkins are almost the same as the ones above, except the color. They come in yellowish white to white. These are small and are very common, like the pumpkins above.

Tiger Striped Pumpkin

These beautiful colored pumpkins are light yellow, but become darker within the indentations of the bumps. They add a nice touch to any indoor autumn area.

Mini Round Pumpkin

These brightly colored pumpkins are a little bigger and rounder than the ones mentioned above. The surface of these pumpkins are smoother and they come in nice bright shades of orange.

decorate with mini pumpkins


Baby Boo

These ghostly colored pumpkins are tiny in size. These small white pumpkins are very small and very bright white, but can make a nice addition to contrast with orange pumpkins.

Other types of miniature pumpkins include Jack-be-Little, another orange variety, Sweetie Pie a small middle of the road orange colored tiny pumpkin, and Munchin, also orange in color.

Below I’ve listed some ways you can decorate with your pumpkins. The possibilities are endless!

decorate with mini pumpkins

Different Ways to Decorate with Mini Pumpkins

Simple Displays

I love displays that are as organic and simple as possible. That’s why I just find an area on my balcony and apartment and arrange the pumpkins as I please. Other decorations can be included to add a flair to the pumpkins.

In the Garden

Many of my flowering plants are slow to grow flowers, so adding mini pumpkins to the porch add a nice splash of color to our outdoor area. We have a few pumpkins as a centerpiece on our balcony table, but they would also look great between containers on our garden shelf.

Container Companion

Mini pumpkins are small enough to fit in garden containers. Place one in a container to add a fall feel, or add several to a larger pot for more variety. Mini pumpkins look great with mums or other fall plants.

decorate with mini pumpkins

Get Crafty

Another cute way to decorate with mini pumpkins are to add decorations, such as glitter, paint, ribbon and marker. These can be put on the pumpkins as a design or randomly. Add colors that would go with the rest of your autumn decor.

Ribbon can be places around the pumpkins to give it an Easter egg in autumn look to it. Use a black sharpie or other marker to draw and color in designs on your pumpkins.

Make Faces

A common but fun way to decorate these small pumpkins are to paint on or draw faces with marker. These can be as serious, scary or silly as you want. Scroll the internet for ideas.

decorate with mini pumpkins

Centerpieces and Table Displays

Another simple way to decorate with these tiny pumpkins are to place them as centerpieces on tables or on plates. This requires little time and can be done on a whim. There are endless ways to decorate this way too.

Fill Those Bowls

If you have craft bowls or baskets lying around and unused, now is a great time to decorate with them. Fill the bowls with small pumpkins to add a nice touch of autumn in your home. Add different types of pumpkins in one small bowl to add variety or mix and match throughout.

Wall Decor

If you have some wall space available inside or outside, use mini pumpkins as a unique piece of wall art. Make a small hole in the back of the pumpkin to hang on a nail from the wall, add string to the pumpkin and nail the string, or make up your own wall design with pumpkins.

decorate with mini pumpkins

Go Mini Pumpkin Happy!

I love how these little pumpkins add a pop of color to my garden and indoor area. I hope this blog gave you ideas on how you can decorate with mini pumpkins. Let me know how you decorate with small pumpkins or your thoughts on this blog in the comments section below.

Happy autumn decorating everyone!



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  1. Bob Taylor

    You mentioned some pumpkins rotted after a month last year If you can store them somewhere where it’s cool and shady and make sure they are airyated they should store longer.
    Great post.

    05 . Oct . 2017
    • Ann

      Thank you for that great tip! I’ll see what I can do and try to make them last longer this year.

      06 . Oct . 2017
  2. Michelle Carpenter

    I love these tiny little pumpkins and your so creative with them!! Great read!

    10 . Oct . 2017
    • Ann

      Thank you! There is so much that can be done with these little guys! I love how they can fit just about anywhere!

      10 . Oct . 2017
  3. oldhouseintheshires

    OOh Ann…loving this post! I’m very into flat lays on Instagram at the moment and have seen some gorgeous ones using pumpkins. I didn’t know there were so many different varieties! I love the small stripey ones.
    Thank you for linking this month to #MyGloriousGardens. As always, watch out for the round up post coming soon. xxSophiexx

    19 . Oct . 2017
    • Ann

      Glad you enjoyed this post! I love the striped ones too! Thanks for providing those linky posts! They are always fun to do and I’m looking forward to the roundup post!

      19 . Oct . 2017

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