Making Your Small Garden Flourish


Happy 2018 everyone! I’m so excited for the new year and some changes that come along with it! One of these changes is adding collaborative posts to my blog!

My very first collaborative post is about making your small garden flourish! If some of the wording sounds little different, its because this post comes from the UK.


making your small garden flourish

If you have a small garden, you may find the space somewhat frustrating. You may feel that it is too cramped, and that you don’t know what to do with it. You may also feel like you do not have a lot of privacy, as a lot of small gardens are looked in on from surrounding buildings. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some top tips for making the most of your small garden.

Tips for Making Your Small Garden Flourish

  • Choose colours wisely – With a small garden, it is even more important to select your colours with care. You can find out more information about choosing colours in one of my previous blog posts: For small spaces, bright shades work really well, making a garden appear bigger and lighter.


  • Pave diagonally – Lay paving so it is in a diamond shape, as this will create the illusion of a larger garden.

making your small garden flourish

  • Compartmentalise – By dividing your garden into sections, you can create hidden areas, which will make your garden feel a lot bigger. This is because you are unable to see everything in one go.


  • Use height – It is so important to use height in gardens that are small in size. From the side of your fence to garages and walls, it is all good space. Think about it: inside your home, you use walls for cupboards, mirrors, wall art, photographs and such like. You can do the same thing with your garden by using trailers and creepers to adorn high spaces.


  • Create privacy – As touched upon in the introduction, a lot of small gardens do suffer from a lack of privacy, and so it is important for you to create this. You can do this by installing pergolas and arches to make a secluded seating area, and then cover these with climbers. You need to stay away from species that are big and grow quickly like Virginia creeper and wisteria, as they will quickly take over the space and thy demand a lot of pruning.

container gardening

  • Use containers – Containers are ideal for small gardens, as they can be moved around with ease. Plus, they make your garden a lot easier to maintain.


  • Call in the professionals – Last but not least, if you are really struggling to design your small garden, don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are plenty of companies that can landscape your garden for you, so all you need to do is maintain it. You can find out more about this by heading to Needless to say, quality is so important when it comes to a service like this, so make sure you read reviews and look at the work the company has done so far before making up your mind.

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So there you have it: some great tips to follow to make your small garden flourish. If you follow the advice that has been provided above, you are guaranteed to wow with your small garden and create a space that you actually enjoy being in.


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  1. Daniella

    I love the diagonal paving idea! I wish I thought of that when my patio was installed last summer.

    07 . Jan . 2018
    • Ann

      Isn’t it great? When we move into a house I would love to do this! I also like the paving idea because it means less garden maintenance :). On busy days I have a hard time keeping up with my little garden!

      07 . Jan . 2018

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