Easy Growth Tips for Mouse Tail Cactus

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Don’t you think maintaining a cactus is easier than an actual normal plant? If you agree then mouse tail cactus is surely going to be your best companion. This cactus plant grows amazingly as homes rather than a deserted island. It grows best in the summer season rather than fall or winter.

The mouse tail cactus is also known as rat tail cactus due to its unique shape. This plant grows up to 6 inches in height at their maturity. Their peak growth period which is mid-summer is extremely crucial to make them healthy.

This plant grows in low soil and it is extremely easy to grow at home. There are a few conditions that are necessary for the healthy development of the plant. It looks best in a hanging planter with its shaft trailing downwards. If you want to keep this plant at home following tips are crucial:

Growth Tips for Mouse Tail Cactus

Growth tips for mouse tail cactus

Mouse Tail cactus is an easy plant to grow especially indoors. However, there are a few conditions that are crucial to maintain and grow it to its healthiest.


Soil is one thing that a plant owner should ever neglect, each plant has its own soil needs and cactus specifically requires a mixture of well-drained soil. A mixture of sand and vermiculture soil works best for this plant.

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The sand is best for drainage while vermiculture is a little moist to provide adequate growing conditions. The plant owner must change the soil once in a few days to make sure proper nutrients reach it.


Most people think that water is not important for a cactus plant. However, it is not true at all because water is primary for cactus as well. In dry and summer months frequent supply is essential for seamless growth.

In fall and spring, the plant owner should reduce the water quantity and water the plant as per its need. However, in winter you should stop watering the plant altogether. If you feel the plant is getting dry, add a little amount of water.


Light is vital for the growth of cactus regardless of its type. To keep this plant thriving make sure to choose the brightest position in your home. It grows best in the backyard or front porch where the sun directly shines on it.


In an indoor space, a planter is an easy option to grow a small plant. The planter you choose should be deep and narrow. The depth of the container should be at least 9 to 12 inches.

Propagation and Repotting of Mouse Tail Cactus

Propagation mouse tail cactus

Mouse Tail cactus is a beautiful plant that adds significant beauty to your home regardless of its small size. Most people wonder how to propagate this plant easily. Here is how you can easily get its clones:

Propagation through stem

The mouse tail cactus plant has long stems that hang out of the pot. Take on a stem, cut it into equal parts of about 1-inch. Dry the parts for at least 3 days and put them into the soil after putting a small cut at the base. The plant will grow at its maximum if you keep it moist initially.

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Repotting is essential to catalyze the growth of the cactus plant. You should re-pot this plant at least once a year.

Pest and Insecticide Cntrol for Mouse Tail Plant

Mousetail plant is prone to whiteflies and aphids mostly in its peak growth time like Manfreda and Jovibarba. You can get rid of them in the following ways:

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil has antibacterial properties that can naturally kill aphids. The oil mixed in water is beneficial to kill aphids slowly.

Insecticide Mix

Choose a mild insecticide, mix it in lots of water to make a smooth mixture. Spray it on the target area at least once a week to get rid of whiteflies.

Where to Buy Mouse Tail Cactus

Where to Buy Mouse Tail Cactus

Mousetail cactus is available at Amazon easily and it gets delivered to you in a minimum amount of time. It is cactus; hence’ chances of it getting ruined during shipping are quite less.

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Mouse Tail cactus is a great source for adding a natural touch to your home. It is easy to maintain but adds a calming atmosphere especially at the time of sunset. This plant is extraordinary and has great air purification benefits.

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