Planting Upwards-Cheap Vertical Gardening Ideas


Despite the limited gardening space I have right now, I am on a quest to find more areas for plants. There is one wall opposite the shelf my hubby built that is bare and we’ve talked about putting a vertical garden on that wall. Today I want to discuss cheap vertical gardening ideas.

If you’ve checked out my recent video, you know how small my urban garden is. There is the shelf my hubby built against one wall of our balcony, the two by four he put up so I can use my dollar store shelf pots, and the plants on the ground. The wall opposite the shelf has still been unused, which hubby and I have talked about putting a vertical garden there.

cheap vertical gardening ideas

I’ve seen some beautiful and elaborate vertical gardening designs that are way over my budget. I keep eyeing those inexpensive vertical gardening pockets on Amazon that would work great in the space we have. But, what other options are out there for vertical gardens?

Vertical Gardening History

Vertical gardens seem to be a trendy thing to do right now, but they are definitely not a new idea. Vertical gardens have been around for thousands of years.

The Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians all had their own versions of vertical gardens. The Babylonians were also known for their vertical gardens. One of the seven ancient wonders of the world was the famous hanging gardens of Babylon.

cheap vertical gardening

Fast forward to today, and I’ve seen many different types of vertical gardens. I’ve seen huge ones many feet tall in front of restaurants, filled with a variety of herbs. Then there is the wall next to our apartment complex that is covered with a vine but makes for a pleasant walk to the mailbox.

Being surrounded by flora makes me forget I live in a huge urban area.

Why Have a Vertical Garden?

There are many reasons that having a vertical garden is a great idea.

First of all, if you don’t have much space to work with like me, then vertical gardening is perfect for you since it doesn’t use up much space. You don’t need any ground space to start this garden, just some wall space.

cheap vertical gardening ideas


Since many vertical gardens use small space, this makes it easier to maintain. Just make sure to use quality soil and make sure your plants have plenty of water.

People with specific health issues can benefit from starting a vertical garden. Those who have a hard time bending from health issues will love having a vertical garden since the plants can be hung high enough to avoid this. The plants will be easier to see and take care of higher up.

cheap vertical gardening

Having plants above ground will help them not be harmed by bugs and other pests. Larger animals will also have a hard time bothering plants in a vertical garden arrangement.

For those who like getting creative, there are endless ways to design plants in a vertical garden. I’ve seen beautiful arrangements of succulents and other plants in vertical garden designs. Just use your imagination.

Herb Heaven

Besides saving a ton of space, vertical gardens are becoming popular as ways to display and keep herbs, inside and outside. I’ve seen kitchens with lots of natural light that use small vertical gardens to keep herbs in. This is an easy, cheap and convenient way to get herbs while making a meal.

cheap vertical gardening

Herbs don’t need a lot of space, which is another reason they make great vertical gardening plants. You can combine several or keep them in separate containers.

Vertical Gardening Ideas

Now that you have some background information about vertical gardening, I’m going to get into cheap vertical gardening ideas. Just like with other types of gardens, vertical gardens can be handmade or bought. The preferences are up to you.

Stacked Crates

Have a bunch of crates lying around or know someone who does? These can make a great vertical garden if you have room to stack them near a wall, or stack enough in a space to make another wall. If you don’t have any crates, you can buy these at craft stores.

Picture Planter

Picture planters are great for succulents. You can arrange the plants in a design or randomly, however you like. I have one of these, but its laying on its side with a few succulents as a regular container.

cheap vertical gardening

Recycled 2 Liter Soda Bottles

Looking for a unique vertical garden? Keep all those 2 liter soda bottles around to make a cheap vertical garden. You can use a few bottles, or make a wall full of bottles as a vertical garden.

Hanging Pots

A vertical garden can be as simple as attaching individual pots to a wall or structure that is against a wall. You can find old pots lying around for this, or spend some on cheap containers from a nearby garden store.

Garden Pockets

Garden pockets come in a variety of materials and sizes. You can buy them individually or in rows. These come in a variety of colors too.

cheap vertical gardening

Garden Shelf

If you are a handyman or know someone who is, then a garden shelf is a great option for a vertical garden. My husband made mine from scratch. The materials were inexpensive, but it took time to put together. To learn how to make your own, check out my blog about it here.

gardening shelf
My finished gardening shelf

Shoe Organizer

Those door shoe organizers made of cloth, plastic or mesh can be recycled into vertical gardens, too. Put in plenty of dirt so the plants can thrive in their new home.

Wood Pallet

Old wood pallets make great vertical gardens. These can be filled with plenty of seeds or small plants and make a beautiful display on a wall outside.

Garden Tower

Garden towers are great space savers. You can put a bunch of plants in a small space with one of these. You can make a herb or flower garden tower or a mix of plants.

cheap vertical gardening

Enjoy Your Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are a unique way to garden when you are limited on space. You can use part of a wall for a vertical garden or fill the entire wall with plants of your choice.

If you know of other cheap vertical gardening ideas, let me know in the comments below. Happy gardening!



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  1. Shelly

    Love the garden pockets! Also, never thought of using she organizers…very creative idea!

    31 . Jul . 2017
    • Ann

      I’ve seen a bunch of inexpensive garden pockets on Amazon. Using shoe organizers is creative, and cheap! If you grow large enough plants in those, you won’t even notice the organizer, just beautiful plants. Thanks for stopping by!

      31 . Jul . 2017
  2. oldhouseintheshires

    There are so many great ideas here Ann! I love the little baskets with herbs -too cute. I have always wanted to try a vertical succulents garden but haven’t got the south facing wall to plant on at the moment. I may have to find a space though!
    Thank you so much for linking up to #MyGloriousGardens this month. Do comment on others posts if you get time.
    I will post a round up of all posts next week.

    09 . Aug . 2017
    • Ann

      Thank you for the comment and you are welcome! I wish I had the space to try all these ideas. We have one small wall space that is empty and I just bought some supplies so hopefully, I will soon have a vertical garden! I actually have a small box filled with some succulents that are supposed to hang on a wall, but I have it laying down on my garden shelf for now. I will definitely comment on other posts :).

      10 . Aug . 2017
  3. Joshua Johnson

    I love the picture frame planters. I’d seen these in one of the RHS books, but was a nice remainder. When my little one is a bit further on and less likely to pull them off I’d like to make some of these.

    14 . Aug . 2017
    • Ann

      Picture planters are a creative and inexpensive way to display plants. These can be bought or made. I hope you get a chance to make them someday. Thanks for the comment!

      15 . Aug . 2017

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