How to Make a Silver Dollar Vine Plant Thrive

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We can go on about the benefits of surrounding yourself with plants all day. However, there are certain care factors that you should consider before taking this step. Gardening is a great hobby, but plants require special attention just like your pet.

Plants such as Ferocactus and Nopalea plants require minimum effort to thrive. A silver dollar vine plant is a famous indoor plant, and it has the best characteristics. This plant is quite forgiving when it comes to natural sunlight despite being a succulent plant.

It is also a drought-resistant plant that can survive on a minimum water supply. The water requirement for this plant depends on the season and whether you keep it indoors or outdoors. This plant grows laterally and forms beautiful leaf trails. This article will tell you all about this plant and how to take care of it.

Growth Tips for Silver Dollar Vine Plant

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Plants are a living thing, and they can thrive much more if you provide them with extra care. It is a proven study that you tend to stay more grounded and positive if you surround yourself with plants or nature.

There is no better way to connect yourself with nature than decorating your house with a few indoor plants. Are you a person that loves being surrounded by nature? When we live in city lives, we tend to run on a tight schedule.

Your house should be your escape, where you can take your day slow. This specific plant is known to center positive energy and bring prosperity. There are a few factors that you should consider to alleviate the growth of this plant. Without waiting any further, let’s have a look at these factors:

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Well, we have already known that all succulent plants have a strong connection to light. If we look at a succulent plant’s general characteristics, light is probably the primary factor for growth. However, this plant is quite forgiving when it comes to sunlight.

Sunlight is essential for its growth, but it can still function well on partial sunlight. You should keep this plant in a room where evening sunlight pours in the most in the summer month.

In spring and wintertime, you might want this plant to gain more exposure to sunlight. The property of this plant to work well with little sunlight is best for keeping it indoors.


If you are aware of succulent plants and the kind of care they need, you will know that they do not need much water. This plant has different requirements depending upon the surrounding conditions. If you keep this plant outdoors, they become thirsty quickly.

Water this plant at least once in two days, if you are keeping this plant outdoors. If you are keeping this plant indoors, then you may want to water this plant less. In indoor conditions, watering this plant once a week is more than enough. Try not to overwater this plant as it can die out with excess water.


Soil is another crucial factor that plays a pivotal role in alleviating the growth pace of plants. When we consider this particular plant, cactus mix soil is the answer. If you are new to plants, cactus soil works best for most succulent plants.

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It is best to make a smooth concoction of a cactus mix with a cactus conditioner to start the germination process. Cactus conditioner is excellent for providing soil drainage and adequate nourishment to the plant.

The crucial factor in the soil is the drainage factor. Any soil which does not have the drainage property is useless as it can retain moisture.

Propagation and Repotting of a Silver Dollar Vine Plant

Propagation and Repotting of a Silver Dollar Vine Plant

Propagation and repotting are necessary for any individual who has a searing passion for plants. The joy of the first germination is uncanny, and there is no going back once you start propagating plants. However, it is not easy to get the process right, especially if you are a beginner.

Here are some methods which you can adopt to propagate the silver dollar vine plant:

Propagation through seed

If you desire to grow this plant from scratch and you are a beginner, then propagation through seed is a good idea. The seeds for this plant are readily available, and you can use cactus soil to initiate the process. In the beginning, you have to make sure you keep the planter in a warm place.

Propagation through cutting

This plant has round pussy stems, which you can cut to create clones. The correct method is to go systematically and to cut the plant stem. Once you have the branch, make sure you wash it properly with water and leave it to dry. Once the cutting is dry, use the same procedure for germination.


Repotting is not an essential step to make a plant grow at an impeccable pace. You can only repot the plant if it grows out of the existing planter.

Pest and Insect Control for Silver Dollar Vine Plant

Pest and Insect Control for Silver Dollar Vine Plant

This plant has no significant pest issues; however, it is customary to get whiteflies on any plant. Mostly good care and plant cleaning should be able to prevent such insects. On the other hand, if you face some pest issues, you can use natural remedies such as neem oil and water mixture to mitigate whiteflies.

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Where to Buy Silver Dollar Vine Plant

Where to Buy Silver Dollar Vine Plant

Silver dollar vine plant is readily available at any store or plant nurseries. In case you have an issue with finding the plant in stores, you can order it through Amazon. Amazon delivers this plant neatly packed in a small container. The plant orders reach you fast and without any hassle.

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Silver dollar vine plant is an easily accessible plant which you can order online also. It has a few beneficial properties, and it is known to bring prosperity. This plant is easy to maintain and grows with minimum limitations. It looks best indoors, and you can also shift it outdoors occasionally.

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