The Ingredients Of A Perfect Rooftop Garden

For those of you with small spaces like me, you may find that having enough room for a garden may be challenging. The challenge of growing plants in small spaces is all part of the fun of being an urban gardener. Here is a collaborative post on the ingredients of a perfect rooftop garden.

Perfect Rooftop GardenIf you live in an apartment in a busy urban area, many might say you’re living the dream. You have a whole host of local amenities within walking distance and you’re never more than a few steps away from good food, great coffee, fine wine or a place to relax and let your hair down after a busy day at work. But this convenience comes at a price.

Many who live in apartments are unable to fulfill their gardening ambitions and must limit their creativity to window boxes or a few succulents grown on your balcony. There are a few, however, who are lucky enough to have an apartment with a rooftop garden. If you’re one of these lucky few, you’ll likely want some pointers of how to make the best use of this special space. Here we’ll look at some key ingredients to making this marvelous space live up to its full potential.

Considerations of a Rooftop Garden

While a rooftop garden is a wonderful space, it is not without its own specific considerations. If you have ambitious plans they may require planning permission from your local authority and you may need to seek the approval of your building’s committee before making any changes to the space, even if they are fairly minor.

Considerations of a Rooftop Garden

If you have a rooftop garden with its own pool, this may be in need of repair. Fortunately, you can make quick, easy and affordable repairs if you opt for a vinyl liner. Visit Sparklean Pools to learn more about vinyl liner pool repair. You may also need to check the structural capabilities of your roof or enlist a professional to check the roof’s waterproof membrane. The good news, however, is that if you’re looking to make a few simple and low budget changes, you’re highly unlikely to encounter any restrictions.

Now. let’s get to the fun part…


If you want privacy in your rooftop garden or simply a picturesque way to mark out your space, shrubs are a great way to provide this. They will ensure that you have something green and beautiful to look at in every direction while still affording you a view of your surroundings. While rooftop gardens don’t require specific plants necessarily, there are some that will pop better than others in this context. I recommend;

  • Kousa Dogwood- Stays small and bursts with beautiful white flowers.
  • Dwarf Hinoki Cypress- Dense, low maintenance and gorgeous.
  • Blue star junipers- Their beautiful silvery blue makes a great statement amidst green surroundings.



Not only are fresh herbs a real boon to your culinary repertoire, they can fill the crisp air of your rooftop garden with wonderful natural scents and provide a splash of color along with beautiful foliage. Many urban sophisticates grow herbs in window baskets or on their apartments’ balconies, but as the proud owner of a rooftop garden, you’ll be able to go the whole hog. Favorites include lavender, mint, thyme, yarrow, wild ginger, and violet.

Perfect planters

Remember that the style of planter you use for your urban flora are every bit as important as the plants themselves. A uniform style and color is a good idea when you have limited space to work with and this is certainly true of roof gardens. Clean lines and neutral colors are good ideas in urban settings. It may be better to opt for natural stone or slate rather than a more traditional terracotta.

Just make sure you use the elevator!

Are you inspired to implement any of these ideas into your small garden space? Let me know in the comments section below!

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