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I never thought much about types of succulent plants while growing up, since they all seemed ugly and sharp, from what I remember. I’ve noticed that many people include these desert plants in their gardens here in Southern California. Since getting into gardening, I have delightfully discovered that there are many types of succulent plants available.

Not all succulents are hard on the eyes and pointy, thankfully. Succulents come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. I have found a huge variety of beautiful succulents that grow well in container gardens.

types of succulent plants

Hardy Plants

Succulents are a great plant to start with if you are a beginner gardener. They don’t need much care compared to other plants. Succulents need little water so if you forget to water them, they should be fine.

Succulents are drought tolerant plants, so they thrive in areas with little rainfall. I keep seeing more and more succulents used in gardens here in Southern California due to the climate and required low water usage.

types of succulent plants

Many of the succulents located here are originally from all over the world. I have several varieties in my own container garden. I have mentioned a few of these hardy plants below.

Where Can Succulents Grow?

Succulents grow best in warm and sunny areas with little rainfall. They are ideal in the warmer, southern states, but can generally grow all over the country. To find which plants grow best in your area, check out the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Ideal Container Plant

Many of the varieties of succulents (located here and elsewhere) are small, which makes them a great candidate for containers. Many succulents won’t grow any bigger than the pot they are grown in.

The small varieties of succulents need very little space to grow and many can thrive in rocks with little soil. As a result, succulents are very cost effective plants. Almost all of my succulents are growing in small containers.

types of succulent plants

Plus One

Succulents can be grown in containers on their own or with several other succulents. I have seen many beautiful container arrangements with several types of succulents. Hence, I have made my own arrangements to add to my garden.

Popular Types of Succulent Plants


There are many types of aloe and this plant comes in different sizes. The popular aloe vera plant is small enough to fit just about anywhere. Aloe vera not only is a great decorative succulent; these plants are also used to heal cuts and burns.

types of succulent plants

Donkey’s Tail

Donkey or burros tail looks just like it sounds, the tail of a donkey. These look great in hanging containers and containers that look great with plants that grow over them. Donkey’s tail thrives in shaded areas.


The echeveria is a beautiful succulent that is shaped like a rosette. There are a variety of echeverias that have slightly different leaves and come in different shades of green. Echeverias look great grown alone or in bunches.

types of succulent plants

String of Pearls

String of pearls. are small succulents that grow by hanging over containers. They are unique and unusual looking plants. Sometimes they grow small, white flowers that grow upwards.


Kalanchoe plants are popular house plants and many grow a variety of flowers. They can also be grown outdoors. Kalanchoes are a great way to add some color if you choose to have a succulent container garden.



Haworthias look like small, striped aloe plants. They are slow growers and are small compared to other succulents. These look beautiful on their own and make great additions to the beginner garden.

types of succulent plants


There are about 40 different species of sempervivum succulents. These are also commonly known as hens and chicks. Sempervivums are rosette looking succulents that grow beautiful small flowers that come in yellow, red, white and pink.

types of succulent plants


Letizia look like small stemmed roses. They grow in clusters and look great in pots covered with small rocks. The leaves of these green plants turn red at the tips and make a great addition to any garden.

Tree Aeonium

These unique looking succulents are one of the darker varieties of desert plants, coming in dark red to black. They look like large, dark flowers, which contrast against the usually green of most other succulents. They look great alone or added to other succulents.

types of succulent plants

Jelly Bean

Pork and beans, another name for the jelly plant, have leaves that look like jelly or beans. The leaves turn red in the summer, which can add color if you choose to have a succulent only garden. These can be grown indoors or outdoors.

There are many other types of succulent plants that grow well in container gardens. The varieties mentioned above can be grown individually or mixed together in a container.

types of succulent plants

Ending Thoughts

In conclusion, succulents make a great addition to a succulent garden or garden with a variety of plants. This list is just a sample of the types of succulents available to add or start your garden. Can you think of other types of succulent plants to add to this list?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments selection below. Thank you for reading and happy gardening!



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  1. Heather

    so beautiful. I just saw my aunt’s succulents and I want some now!!!

    17 . Aug . 2017
    • Ann

      They are beautiful and I love how there are so many to choose from. Plus, they are easy to take care of. Thank you for your comment!

      17 . Aug . 2017
  2. Emma @

    I love your blog! I’ve been obsessed with succulents ever since I moved into a small apartment with no yard. They really liven up a place. The local markets here sell them for really cheap too :).

    18 . Aug . 2017
    • Ann

      Thank you! Succulents definitely brighten up a small space! I want to buy more but they can get expensive. I should look into markets around here. Thanks for the tip!

      18 . Aug . 2017

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