How to Care for a Rose of Jericho Plant

Rose of Jericho Plant

It may seem hard to believe but there are a few plants that can survive months – even years without water. Also called the ‘Resurrection plants,’ these foliage are capable of coming back to life when exposed to water. Until then, the plant remains dry and dormant. The Rose of Jericho is one such example … Read more

Desert Rose: Echeveria Varieties

Echeveria Varieties

When I first got into gardening, I wasn’t too interested in succulents, since they all looked the same to me. Here in California, succulents come in a great variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Since gardening here I have fallen in love with the desert rose of succulents, otherwise known as the echeveria succulent, and … Read more

10 Ways to Grow a Water Wise Garden

Water Wise Garden

I spent the morning at another Armstrong Garden Center class, this time on water wise gardening. It was very informative and a good reminder on how to properly water plants. Here are 10 ways to grow a water wise garden.   Before I get into this list, I do want to remind you that all of these … Read more

How to Grow Primroses

grow primroses 1

A few weeks ago, I purchased some primroses to enjoy along my balcony. Despite the colder weather and rain, they are still going strong. Today I want to talk to you about how to grow primroses. I was wandering around a gardening store several weeks ago, looking for something to buy, when I saw a … Read more