Jasmine Plant: How to Grow and Care for the Plants

Jasmine Plants

The jasmine plant is a favorite of many for its sweet-scent and small white flowers. Though it’s mostly planted outdoors, there are some varieties of the fragrant vines that can be grown indoors – even in a container. How: Let’s find out in this complete guide to jasmine plant care. Quick Overview Scientific Name Jasminum … Read more

The Growth and Maintenance Of The Nananthus Plant

Nananthus Plant

Flowering plants are the best thing to keep indoors and have the ability to instantly revive a home. Nananthus is a great plant that grows mostly in South Africa in intense sunlight. Most flowering plants require hot weather to produce wide blooms in late fall. This plant produces yellow flowers that look like sunflowers, but … Read more

All You Need to Know About the Fescue Grass – [Complete Guide]

Fescue Grass

Possessing the ability to stay green all year long, Fescue Grass is one of the most desirable type of grass for homes in the United States and Canada. They are adaptable to various weather conditions and can withstand both – cold and shaded environment. In fact, many of the fescues look striking in interior pots. … Read more

Peperomia Rana Verde – Growing Tips, Propagation and Repotting and Much More

Peperomia Rana Verde

In the kingdom Plantae, Peperomia Rana Verde is a rare species. Since it inhabits warm areas like a radiator or ventilator, it is named a radiator plant. Besides, its evergreen outlook caters to perfect garden decor. Use high-performance fertilizer and pesticides. Comply with the caring instructions for better results to keep your plant hale and … Read more

Dracaena Marginata Growing Guide: Tips for Maintaining the Dragon Tree

Dracaena Marginata Growing Guide

Dracaena Marginata, also known as the ‘Dragon Tree’ is one of the most popular type of indoor plants. The slow growing plants are perfect for beginners starting their garden as Dracaena’s are very easy to care for. Its beautiful texture and coloring also make the foliage a great décor for tabletops, desks, and window sills. Best of … Read more